The Top Fall Trends for Jewelry in 2020

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The Top Fall Trends for Jewelry in 2020

Never forget your accessories. 

Jewelry is the perfect extension to any outfit. Whether you're rocking a new necklace or your favorite earrings, you're saying more with style. 

Maybe you like silver or you may like gold. Some people like big, flashy pieces while others prefer simplicity. You may even love mixing it up depending on your mood.

If you like jewelry but aren't sure how to style it, we got you covered. Below are the top fall trends for jewelry you'll see in 2020.

Perfect with Pearls

Pearls can easily upgrade an outfit without you even trying. They are elegant, and pearl jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. You don't even have to purchase real pearls to get away with this trend!

If you're someone who likes to stick to more of the minimalist side, buy some pearl studs or a small chain necklace with a pearl pendant. The slight touch of elegance goes great with a comfy knit sweater.

Are you wanting something a little bolder? Purchase a chunky, statement earrings with pearls. They'll be sure to draw attention without looking tacky.

Statement earrings are perfect for completing a little black dress moment or catching the eye of your date across a romantic candle-lit dinner.

Be Bold with Chunky Metal

One of the boldest fashion trends for the fall is going to be chunky metal chokers. Small, thin chokers used to be the name of the game, but not anymore. 

Large chain-like jewelry looks great with deep necklines on shirts or with a cozy turtleneck. It'll give you the edge you've been looking for in your wardrobe. 

When dressing up with metal, you can choose silver or gold to fit your style. The possibilities are endless with this trend.

Don't Forget the Belt

Take any outfit up a few notches by throwing on a statement belt. You're going to see a lot of chain belts this fall. 

Chain belts aren't clunky and add just the right amount of shine. They break up fashionable monochromatic outfits, and they look great wrapped around the outside of a buttoned-up jacket. 

Fall doesn't have to mean bleak colors and sad outfits. Being cozy while remaining stylish is certainly a thing. 

Silver is Making a Comeback

Gold has typically dominated fashion trends in the past, but one of the upcoming fall trends is silver jewelry. Just in the category of silver jewelry alone, you have so many ways to upgrade your accessories.

One can never go wrong with a pair of silver hoops. Keep the small for more casual outfits, and put on a bigger hoop for a night out with friends. If you have multiple ear piercings, you can mix the two. 

If you prefer rings, grab some silver statement rings or simple ones you can stack. Pair your rings with freshly painted nails, and you'll feel pampered. 

Not only can you stack silver rings, but you can also stack thick silver bracelets. Try wearing some over tight long sleeves. 

Such a Charm

Charm bracelets and necklaces are making a comeback. Dig deep into your closet and see if you still have all those charm bracelets from when you were young. It's time to bring them out of the dark.

Not only will be wearing charm bracelets this upcoming fall, but they'll also be wearing large charm necklaces. Buy a charm necklace already assembled, or you can buy a large chain necklace and add your own charms over time. 

No matter how you decide to rock it, you'll be charming everyone that walks by.

Go Natural With Your Jewelry

Focusing on natural materials is one of the best fall 2020 trends.

You can use wooden or leather jewelry to look instantly effortless and cool. Try a pair of chunky wooden hoop earrings or a leather bracelet. These neutral tones pair well with any color of outfit you're wanting wear, especially burnt oranges and deep reds.

Borrow From Your Grandma

Yes, believe it or not, brooches are back. They are back better than ever. 

While you may be able to shop for some new ones, see if any relatives have their old brooches they can lend you for a vintage look. Chunky brooches with large gems light up any sweater you're breaking out for the fall.

You can also just borrow your grandmother's sewing kit and use the safety pins as decorations for a thick collar or scarf. It's kind of like decorating your hair with bobby pins. 

Totally Tubular

Not only are thick chains an upcoming fall trend, but thick tubular jewelry is also going to be your new favorite statement to wear. Sleek, rounded styles look chic with your fall blazers and heels.

Check out new tubular necklaces you can wear or sport a tubular pair of hoops. They're a fun upgrade from your usual hoop. 

Make a Statement with Your Style 

All in all, it's time to make a statement this fall. Whether you're someone who's already adventurous with their style or you're wanting to get out of your comfort zone, this fall is the time to do it.

Big chains, flashy jewels, statement headbands, and packed on pearls allow you to have fun with your style. Wear a few of the trends at once, or ease into the fun. No matter what, fall 2020 is a great season for jewelry.

Upgrade Your Style with the Upcoming Fall Trends

It can be difficult to keep up with all the hottest trends, but we got you covered with the above fall trends for jewelry. Don't be afraid to push the envelope of fashion this upcoming season. 

Whatever you do decide to wear, the most important thing is that it makes you feel confident. Choose pieces that express who you are and make you smile. As long as you feel good about wearing them, it doesn't' matter what anyone else thinks.

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