I'm Feeling Anxious. What Are the Best Spiritual Stones For Me?

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I'm Feeling Anxious. What Are the Best Spiritual Stones For Me?

6.8 million people suffer from generalized anxiety—that's 6.8 million too many. Everyone gets anxious at some point and it can be debilitating. 

While it's true energy flows where your attention goes, anxiety's a double-edged sword. It can grow if you ignore it and if you focus on it. 

Anxiety's unique in that it can dominate the mind for some and the body for others. For that reason, you can't talk your way out of it. It has to move through the body.

Spiritual stones are the perfect ally if you're anxious. Here's what to know about motivational jewelry.

Healing With Spiritual Stones

To clarify, all stones are spiritual—they have innate healing properties. Crystal healing's existed for over 6,000 years, proving the power of natural resources. 

It can be daunting to find the right stone for you amidst the hundreds out there. The great thing about motivational bracelets is that you're not limited to one. Still, you'll want to know a bit about them before you decide which ones can help you feel less anxious.


Not every stone resonates with everyone the same way. You'll want to drop deeper into your anxiety to know what allies you need. Your motivational jewelry choices can depend on it.

1. Where's the Anxiety Live?

Anxiety has a life of its own. Some people may feel a tingling, buzzing, or restlessness in their bodies. Some may find they have a case of the monkey mind and can't focus. 

Knowing your anxiety will help you know which stones can help it. What does your anxious feel like?


It may help to locate the anxiety through the different chakras, or light centers. If you have a pit in your stomach, consider yellow citrine or tiger's eye for the solar plexus. If you get headaches, consider amethyst for the 6th or 7th chakra.

If your anxiety manifests in symptoms, the stones you work with can aid your stress on a deeper level. Do you need stones for digestion or insomnia? Symptoms help name exactly what you need. 

Zodiac Signs

Your zodiac sign can also help you find a positivity bracelet for when you're feeling anxious. Zodiac signs give personality insights including how anxiety manifests for you.

Each zodiac sign houses an element (fire, earth, air, or water) that can inform your motivational jewelry. 

For example, do you like cool colors? Vibrant colors? Patterns or solids?

Your zodiac sign can also explain your relationship to anxiety and which stones naturally work for you. It's validating to learn the why behind your stress—that alone aids healing.

2. Is It Acute or Chronic?

Anxiety can be sudden or gradual. Panic attacks are acute episodes, whereas chronic anxiety's always present.

It can help to ask yourself:

  • What makes me anxious?
  • Am I in a big life transition?
  • Am I anxious-nervous or anxious-excited?
  • How does anxiety impact my life? 
    • My relationships?
    • My sleep?
    • Diet and exercise?
  • Is this new or familiar?
  • What relaxes me? 

The answers to these questions beg the real question: what do I need right now? 

Your intuition knows.

Stone Magic

There are many stones for anxiety but your choice depends on your anxiety. For example:

  1. Amethyst works well for purification and intuition
  2. Pink opal aids creativity and motivation
  3. Rose quartz helps the heart chakra and the inner child
  4. Black tourmaline drains negative energy in your environment
  5. Selenite and sapphire are smart friends for bedtime battles
  6. Howlite's useful for relieving tension in the mind 

Confronting your symptoms and stressors can guide you to the right stones.

Motivational Jewelry When You're Anxious

Jewelry allows your resonant stones to become fashion pieces and emotional aids. Instead of having stray stones on you all day, why not invest in a beautiful necklace?

Think about the impact of having stones over your heart space all day. Consider motivational jewelry to be your protector. It creates shields of stability.

Spiritual stones are literal touchstones for you to return to during stressful moments.

The Impact of Positivity Bracelets

Positivity bracelets create divine shifts for their owners. They result in the following.

  • Deepened relationship to yourself
  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Increased sense of grounding and self-assuredness
  • Greater resilience
  • Willingness to foster a positive mindset
  • Token towards greater spiritual healing

Motivational jewelry facilitates a dialogue with yourself. In response, you get to practice giving yourself—and receiving—what you need. 

Anxiety's an energetic emotion. It's quick, destabilizing, and scattered. Having spiritual stones on hand—literally—lets it pass through you with ease.

Know Yourself to Love Yourself

The goal's not finding spiritual stones because they work, but finding the right ones for you. Let yourself fall in love with 1 or 10—resonance won't lie.

If you find yourself loving a stone without knowing what it is, great! Get curious. That's your intuition guiding you towards something.

If you resonate with a stone that's not normally geared to address anxiety, no problem. Your draw to it lets it cater to what you need.

What it means to you's the most important. That's how healing happens.

Stone Gifts Are the Best Gifts

If you're buying motivational jewelry for a friend or your wife, consider this a great time to use your intuition. You won't be tuning in to what you like as much as you'll be considering what they like. 

It's as important to pick your own stones as it is to receive them from someone else. Sometimes we'd never choose for ourselves what someone intuits for us. Those gifts come with sacred messages.

Positivity for Anxiety

Motivational bracelets don't have to say anything to work. Spiritual stones carry all the meaning they need once you form a relationship with them. Being anxious is a perfect time to assess what's resting beneath the surface.

Consider motivational jewelry to be an ally for your anxiety toolkit. Gather your self-care must-haves to help you during anxious times.

You may end up even thanking your anxiety for gifting you with new jewels. Shop our store now to keep the anxiety away!