How to Use Healing Stones to Help You Lead a More Mindful Life

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How to Use Healing Stones to Help You Lead a More Mindful Life

Mindfulness is a great way to bring a sense of calm into your life. It's also becoming a popular way to ease stress and anxiety. 

14.2 percent of Americans use meditation. That's up from 4.1 percent in 2012.

Yet healing stones can also be a great way to center yourself and find more calm throughout the day. These stones, also known as crystals, are far from being a fashion trend or a wellbeing fad. They offer great support for a mindful way of life.

Wondering how to use healing stones? Read on to learn more.

Choosing Your Healing Stones

Decide what you most need support with. This will guide which stones you should look at. 

Leave the choice to your intuition when you're buying stones. In person, pick the stone you feel drawn to - even if it's not the largest one on display.

Online, trust that the right stone will come to you when you add it to your basket.

It's a good idea to cleanse them before you use them. Healing stones and crystals can pick up all kinds of vibrations and you want them to be neutral.

Some people might recommend that you put stones in water, but this can destroy some varieties. Safer cleansing options include:

  • leaving them out under the moonlight
  • burying them in the soil for 24 hours
  • or passing them through incense smoke

Once they're cleansed of any old vibrations, they're ready to use.

How to Use Healing Stones

There are different ways to use healing stones within your mindfulness practice. Your first option is to simply meditate with them. 

Hold your stone in your hand or place it on your body. The crystal will do its job while you meditate. If you feel your skin tingling, the stone is working.

Another option is to keep healing stones in your meditation space. This will help you create a positive and tranquil space within your home.

Healing Stone Jewelry

Wearing your healing stones is a great way to enjoy their benefits throughout the day. Choose a healing stone necklace that matches your need - the stone will do its job as you go about your day.

Bracelets are also a popular and convenient way to enjoy the healing power of stones. For example, an amethyst leather wrap bracelet will banish stress and soothe mood swings.

Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is a way to lay out several crystals at once. Their energy can intersect within the grid. It also helps to amplify the properties of each crystal in the grid.

You can leave the grid out for as long as you want or dismantle it once you feel it has done its work.

Crystal grids are also a great tool for meditation. Mindfulness asks you to pay attention to your breath to keep you in the present. Following the paths between the crystals on your grid can have the same effect.

What Are the Most Popular Healing Stones?

Clear quartz is a good 'all-rounder' for healing purposes. It absorbs and stores energy that you can release later. That's one of the reasons why you find quartz crystals inside watches.

Clear quartz has immune system boosting properties. It also helps to amplify the qualities of other crystals you might use.

Rose quartz - a pink variety of quartz - is very popular. It's associated with love, trust, harmony, and friendship. This makes it a great choice for healing heartbreak.

Citrine is a yellow-orange stone. This warm stone boosts creativity and other mindful qualities like focus. It also encourages optimism and motivation, in place of fear.

Lapis lazuli and pearl both help the immune system. Carnelian helps those on detox from using alcohol or drugs.

What Are the Best Healing Stones for Anxiety?

Obsidian is a great stone because it deflects negativity, both emotional and physical. It can also ease the emotional and mental blockages caused by anxiety.

Turquoise and tiger's eye are both great choices to improve your emotional balance. Aquamarine is a good option for reducing stress.

Jasper is an excellent stone to soothe you during stressful times. It also absorbs negativity, helping to think more quickly.

Amazonite is associated with feelings of hope and calm, while howlite is good for calmness and patience.

Amethyst is a very popular stone. It banishes negativity from the mind, and it's supposed to help with sobriety.

This purple form of quartz also improves sleep. Add some amethyst chips to a dream pillow along with lavender and chamomile - this will give you better dreams and deeper rest.

Click here for our more extensive guide to using stones for anxiety.

How Do Healing Stones Work?

Everything in the universe vibrates. The movement is so microscopic we don't notice it. Yet physics has proven this constant vibration.

These stones emit vibrations at different frequencies. When they're brought close to the body, those frequencies mesh with ours.

Their energy can soothe and heal, or uplift and calm. Stones are part of the element of earth, so they're steadfast and stable. Their energetic vibrations are reliable and constant.

This is why holding, carrying, or wearing stones is effective.

Some stones are also good to focus on during mindful meditation. Let your eyes trace the veins and whorls of tiger's eye. Or watch the ever-changing colors of labradorite as you turn it in your hands.

Focusing on the colors, patterns, or texture of the stone soothes the chatter of the mind. This brings you back into the present and a more mindful state of awareness.

Be More Mindful With Crystals

Now you know how to use healing stones to live more mindfully. Choose the right stones to boost your intention to be calmer and more centered.

Wear them throughout the day to enjoy their benefits wherever you go. Or use them during meditation as a great point of focus to keep you in the present.

Healing stones offer a lot of benefits with no negative side effects. Your only dilemma is deciding which stone to try first! 

We have a huge range of positivity bracelets using genuine healing stones. Treat yourself to your favorite stone and boost your wellbeing today.