15 Unique Mother's Day Gifts for 2020

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15 Unique Mother's Day Gifts for 2020

15 Unique Mother's Day Gifts for 2020

Finding your mom a gift she'll truly love for Mother's Day can be a daunting task. Traditional gifts tend to get repetitive, and you never really know if she loves her gift or is just humoring you.

Well, never fear - we've got you covered. Here are 15 unique mother's day gifts your mom will love!

1. Subscription Boxes and Plans

If you know there's something your mom loves or is interested in — say, a hobby — why not get her a gift that will keep on giving?

No worries if your mom doesn't have a specific hobby or interest. If your mom loves getting flowers, for example, You can sign her up for a subscription plan so she can receive flowers all year long! There are tons of options out there to fit your mother's interests and needs.

2. Travel, Travel, Travel

What's better than a gift? An experience. Assuming your budget has room, why don't you take your mother on one of her bucket list trips? Even better if you take the time to go with her – you'll both cherish the time you spent together.

3. Hit the Spa

Does your mom need a break from the grind? Why not take her for some real rest and relaxation so that she can get away from it all? You can either take your mother for a trip to a luxury spa or take a more DIY approach to taking a break from it all.

4. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Do you know what everyone likes? Jewelry. There's nothing wrong with a little sparkle, but you need to make sure you take your mom's preferences and needs into consideration. For instance, it would be silly to buy her earrings if she doesn't have her ears pierced.

5. Furry Friends

Who's your mom's best companion? Her pet, of course. If your mom has a beloved dog, cat, or snake, there are many things you can do to commemorate mother's day and her favorite friend at the same time. You can get a customized portrait of Rover or Spot for one of the most truly unique mother's day gifts.

Or, if your mother doesn't have a pet yet (and she wants one and doesn't have allergies) ... well, you know what to do!

6. Show Her the Love

There are tons of different, individualized gifts that you can create specifically for your mother, personally. You can buy your mom a star map showing the sky when you, your siblings and your mother were born. Or, personalized jewelry with your family's birthstones, so she'll always remember how much you care about her.  You can even get your photo made into jewelry!

7. Make Her Life Easier

Is there some chore or life activity that your mother complains about? Like doing the dishes or cooking dinner, for example? Why not find a way to make that chore less of a burden? There's a product out there to help everyone. 

8. Let's Get Some Shoes

Everyone loves shoes. There's certainly the perfect pair of shoes for your mother, a pair she's been coveting for years and years. So splurge a little bit, and get your mom something glamorous she'll enjoy for years!

9. Swag Bags

Does your mom love purses? Does your mom always need more room? Get your mom the purse that perfectly suits her needs. If your mom has a bad back or sore shoulders, find her a bag that doesn't exacerbate those problems!

10. Blame It on the Alcohol

Unless your mom is sober or doesn't drink, you really can't go wrong with a special bottle of her favorite spirit. Wine, beer, fancy liquors — the possibilities are endless. For example, if she loves a certain type of wine, get her a selection so she can see what she likes best!

11. Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

Many mothers love documenting every moment with their families on their cameraphone. So why not get your mom some better equipment? An old school Polaroid camera is easy to use and will get your mom vintage results in an instant. Or, get her a camera that automatically uploads to the internet or the cloud, so that you won't have to teach her how to connect her phone once again.

12. Make It By Hand

There's nothing more unique or personalized than a handmade gift. Even if you're not the creative type, there are tons of options your mom will love! If you're the wordsmith type, write her a poem or a song. If you're artistic, make her a post-modern sculpture!

13. Get Her a Project

Does your mom like to have projects she can do in her spare time, like making a quilt? A do it yourself terrarium, for example, is a great gift for the science-loving mom.

Or, find her a new craft project to do in her spare time. There' so much out there — you'll certainly find something that's perfect for your mother!

14. Check Your DNA

Many moms are interested in the history of your family. So, for mother's day, why not get her a DNA testing kit, so you can find out for real?

Your mom will be able to find out where in the world your family is from, if there's any cool genetic gifts that she hasn't tapped into, and so much more.

15. Digitize Your Past

Does your mom hoard old family photos and VHS tapes? You can use services like LegacyBox to get all of your mom's prized possessions digitized.

You'll be able to save the memories for your own grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and generations to come!

The Most Unique Mother's Day Gifts This Year

These are just some great, unique gifts you can get for your mom this Mother's Day. Ultimately, though, you know your mom the best, and you know what she'll like. Just listen to your heart!

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